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Everglades Forever

Spelling List


1.  steel – a hard, tough metal made of iron mixed with a little carbon

2.  steal – to take away secretly and without right something that doesn’t belong to one

3.  aloud – in a voice that can be heard

4.  allowed – to let be done, permitted

5.  ring – to cause a bell to sound

6.  wring – to squeeze and twist with force

7.  lesson – something to be learned

8.  lessen – to make or become less

9.  who’s – contraction for who is

10.  whose – possessive form of who

11.  manor – any large estate

12.  manner – a way of acting; behavior

13.  pedal – a lever worked by the foot, as to run the wheels of a bicycle, or to control the sound of a piano, organ, etc.

14.  peddle – to go about from place to place selling small things

15.  berry – any small, juicy fruit with seeds and a soft pulp, as a strawberry, blackberry, or blueberry

16.  bury – to put a dead body into the earth, a tomb, or the sea

17.  hanger – a thing on which another thing is hung ( a clothes hanger)

18.  hangar – a shed in which aircraft are kept when not in use

19.  overdo – to tire oneself out by doing too much

20.  overdue – delayed past the time set for payment, arrival, etc.


Challenge Words

21.  canvass – to go among people asking for votes, opinions, donations, etc.

22.  canvas – a strong, heavy cloth of cotton, or flax, used for tents, sails, oils paintings, etc.

23.  site – a piece of land for a special purpose

24.  sight – something that is seen

25.  cite – to mention or quote