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Fourth grade Spelling List

Stormalong – Spelling List plus definitions

1.  wait- to stay in a place or do nothing while expecting a certain thing to happen

2.  weight-heaviness; the quality a thing has because of the pull of gravity on it

3.  heard- hear; hearing

4.  herd-a number of cattle or other large animals eating or living together

5.  days-the time of light between sunrise and sunset

6.  daze-to stun or bewilder as by a shot or blow

7.  heel-the back part of the foot below the ankle and behind the arch

8.  heal-to get or bring back to good health

9.  peak-the point or top of a hill or mountain

10.  peek-to take a quick, sly, or secret look

11.  sent-past tense of send

12.  cent-a one hundredth part of dollar

13. scent-a smell; odor

14.  feet- plural of foot

15.  feat-something done that shows great courage, skills, or strength; remarkable deed

16.  vain-having too high an opinion of oneself

17.  vane-a flat metal object on a pole that swings with the wind to show which way it is blowing; weather vane

18.  vein-any blood vessel that carries blood back to the heart from some part of the body

19. miner-a person who works in digging ore, coal

20.  minor-smaller in size, importance, amount, etc…; lesser

21.  raise-to cause to rise; lift

22.  raze-to tear down completely; destroy

23.  rays-a line or narrow beam of light

24.  principal-most important; chief; main

25.  principle-a rule, truth, etc. upon which others are based